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"Noble Group will be worth $7.00 a share."

Friday, November 24, 2017

Reader says...
I followed the call of a famous trader in Singapore and bought Noble in May.

He drew a chart and said it will go up to $7.00.

I am still holding but the price keeps falling. I put in a lot of money. I don't know what to do now.

Should I cut loss?

AK says...
When was the last time I did a TA on Noble Group?

See the blog: HERE.

I always say that TA is about probability and not certainty.

It is too dangerous for me to suggest if you should hold, cut or add.

However, I would suggest that you pick up TA if you want to be a trader.

See recommended books for TA: HERE.

Regular readers know that I used to do quite a bit of trading and I said as much in this year's "Evening with AK and friends".

See the blog: HERE.

If you want to start a zhi char store, make sure you know how to handle a wok.

If you don't know how and pay a shi fu to do it, you are at his mercy.

So, if you want to trade stocks, make sure you know how to read charts. :)

In case you just dropped in, there was a blog published earlier today:
Investing in high yield Asian bonds.

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