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Decline in Soilbuild REIT's DPU likely.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

In its 1H FY2017 report, Soilbuild REIT's management said that the biggest challenge they were facing was to lease the entire space at 72 Loyang Way because of the weak oil and gas sector.

Now, they are going to have to deal with 2 hot potatoes instead of 1.

NK Ingredients, one of the REIT's top 10 tenants by revenue, has defaulted and the fact that they accounted for almost 6% of Soilbuild REIT's revenue is going to hurt.

The loss might not be as traumatizing this round but to be hit by another loss before being able to recover from an earlier one is very unfortunate.

The trauma is cumulative.

The rental guarantee from NK Ingredients' insurance will provide another 4 months of rental income.

So, Soilbuild REIT has 4 months to secure another tenant if it is to reduce the negative impact the default has on its revenue.

NK Ingredients signed a 15 years lease which was supposed to provide some earnings visibility till the year 2028 for Soilbuild REIT. 

Such a long lease agreement is necessary because being in the chemicals industry, I believe that the asset was probably purpose built.

It probably means that it would be rather difficult to find another tenant to move in within a short period of time.

So, we should logically expect another reduction in the REIT's DPU with this development.

We could also see the REIT's NAV come under pressure if the asset remains vacant for a prolonged period.
See related post #1 below.

In the worst case scenario, going by the above statement, if the asset remains vacant, with a hypothetical half year DPU of 2.64c, if we demand at least an 8% distribution yield, we would only be buyers at 66c a unit.

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